Bradford is a young and energetic Connecticut-based photographer. His creativity is only limited to the imagination of his clients. Having lived in southern California and Australia in addition to Connecticut, Bradford has developed a unique style blending metropolitan grit and edginess with the bright colors, flare, and fun of the beach.

Not one to limit himself to a particular genre and, Bradford finds himself shooting everything from couture on secluded sandy beaches of Malibu, sunrises at the top of skyscrapers to world-famous musicians on stage.   His love for travel and thirst for adventure has taken him beyond the US and to the far corners of the Earth. With camera in hand, he has captured the beauty and grandeur of Alaska, Canada, St. Lucia, Israel, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. With a valid passport and ability to live out of a suitcase, Bradford has no plans to slow down in his drive to capture the world through his camera.

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